However, I don’t see a way to show related posts by the current author. Is there any way to exclude a post, short of deleting it? Let’s say you have a post you set as sticky. You can try to change the settings of the post widget or overwrite the default page template. In my case, in settings WP was showing 10 posts, my Elementor widget was showing 4 posts therefore conflict. If you decide to set a custom date range, you will need to use the before / after date controls. Do you guys read our minds or what? Oh my God! I set up WP to show 4 posts and there you go, problem solved. Check out this doc for further instructions: (under Query). Just one question. The default order is by title alphabetical. Multiple archive layout types ( Grid, List and Masonry ) Each layout with 5 different variations; Multiple Archive Columns ( upto 5 columns ) Category Select option - display posts from specific category. The new date range control allows you to display posts according to a date range of your choosing. Query Posts, Pages, Products or CPT by Custom fields, Woocommerce data, Calendar Data with Elementor Query builder utilizing Custom Query filter Elementor like newspaper theme blocks. Join 2,830,468 Elementors, and get a weekly roundup of our best skill-enhancing content. The logged in user will only see posts where the custom field equals his/her ID, email, or username, based on whichever key you choose. I wonder the same thing. Time to switch to elementor. Note: The number of posts per page is controlled from the WordPress Reading settings (Dashboard >  Settings > Reading). Elementor Team Writes: How To Successfully Hand off a Website To Your Clients, Introducing Elementor Beta Developer Edition: A New Way for Developers to Impact Elementor,,,,,, How do I remove WordPress default “Related posts” widget? The article above says… “The Related Posts option lets you include and exclude the shown results according to the current author or the current term.”. You can design a loop item just like a single template and it would be used as a skin so you can be able to create a post grid the way you like. Those work great in the related posts. Show Result Count: Select Yes to show number of results for this archive, or No to hide it; Query. What I really need is for the user to be able to FILTER my listings. However, the excerpt length only applies to posts in which no manual excerpt has been entered. Here’s what I mean: Say I have a custom post type called “Bands” and another called “Songs”. If you are a web creator who builds magazine, blog or any other listing websites, please let us know what you think of these features and whether you plan to incorporate them in your upcoming projects. We use Elementor Custom Skin as a skin builder for posts. When I remove Product Types, the Related taxonomy works. Before we begin with the Elementor steps, keep in mind that WordPress plays a significant role in the Blog archive … For example, assuming i have two different categories (food & drink): When a user clicks on a specific food that in the background also has a tag of “rating-5” i want the pagination when looking at a single post to only include food that has a tag of “rating-5”, Right now when using pagination on a single post at the bottom of the page i can only use a query that chooses to group them by either categories or tags but this means that when they click on “next” they could also see a DRINK post that has category “rating-5” but i only want to include (Category: food, Tag: rating-5), please add a filter option – and links for author, date …, Your email address will not be published. Or add the filterable tabs to the posts? The Query Control is a control featured in several widgets (as mentioned above), but we accept your note regarding not being able to search “Query Control” in our documentation. Unfortunately, none of the Products that share a Related taxonomy are appearing correctly. Wauw, I thought finally get rid of the extra plugins used. Elementor’s Archive template can be used to setup archive pages for any custom post types. At archive blog (all blog post), i want to create a 3 dinamic images from the 3 most recent blog post with the title in middle of the image. I’ve managed to figure out how to set related posts but cannot select by category? agree 1000% – an essential tool – I’ve been using ultimate addons post feature but adding another layer of plugins is never great …. There are two options if you’re running into this problem. with this video help i have setup search result page but their display all included pages content, i want result from post only. Q&A for Work. This would allow developers to create a default post template that displays related content based on the individual posts — rather than create a template for each category or tag. I’ve just tried to use this for the first time but when I did no images show up at all. Using the Elementor Custom Query Filter documentation as a guide, below is what I’ve tested. 2) Trying to understand what this is about, I saw the first image shows the widget heading “edit posts.” “Edit posts” is not the name of an “Edit Posts” widget. The Drupal ‘Views’ module should be the goal. Just click on it and you will get your custom posts type in an archive form. Great feature but it would be good if you could filter by “Today” rather than specify a specific date. Therefore I decided to scan the official repository for a new alternative. For example, I have installed “Posts” on numerous pages of my blog and have chosen to pull related posts using a specific tag — but Query always seems to pull the same three posts from my archive to feature as “related Posts” (pulls them chronologically from my blog)…. This is great! For those cases where you don’t have related posts, we added a fallback option which will display either manually selected posts or recent posts. I have filtered out a post from the Posts widget, using Query/Exclude. If I select the “Songs” post type from the source list, I should be able to select a custom field (ACF or PODS, etc.) I have events CPT with start and end date. well i click on the color box > featured color ( that i set before ) > than there are 2 options (setting and advanced , in advanced there are 3 more option (before,after and fallback) ) I want to know that which type of content we should write in after and before. Can you please clarify if related by the current author is actually a feature in this newest release? Yes, I agree with this option in the PRO version. For instance to show newsarticles related to a portfolio item. An update: It seems as though you can’t use multiple taxonomies in the Term field. It would be perfect if we could design the individual content for each loop so we could design it exactly how we like. Some premium Elementor add-ons such as Essential Addons and JetElements also have a similar widget, but the native Posts widget of Elementor supports more filtering options. I use a single post template from the library which covers the way the blog posts are displayed in terms of design. Whether on the homepage, on a category page, on an archive page, on the footer, on the sidebar, and so on. If you set after 1.1.2019 and before 1.4.2019, it will show all the posts published between that timeframe. Let’s say you created a real estate website, with custom taxonomies like city, number of rooms, property size and so on. Another thing… the idea of going back in an refining controls should be the theme for a couple of weeks. As a result, only the same 3 related posts are bringfeatured across multiple pages when, in fact, I have over 2 dozen to choose from with the same tag. This means for Katie’s posts I need the related posts to be based on Katie’s category. Nice, its always helpful to have that extra power. Hi, lets say you have 2 CPT: Author and Book with a relationship as in an Author has many Books. Is there a certain setting in the Taxonomy that needs to be present for this to work? Any solution yet? The improvements being released are based on suggestions from users. Whatever it is, with every update, you guys are truly revolutionizing the way we build websites today. Hi Tom, currently you can use Portfolio widget to use both the filter bar and the Advanced Query. Otherwise, you can contact our support. Depending upon which source you’ve chosen for the query, you’ll be given options which allow you to filter the results. Hah- the comment about real estate when the dragon fire treated castle with a real estate caption pops up. 4) Each query selection is hard coded for that specific selection. The title, excerpt and Read More options all show but no images. I would like the results to reflect both posts and pages. Does each post or page need a set image for the widget to pull through and use? Not the most elegant solution but this does allow me to then alter the query for the archive page as I see fit - in my case I am overriding the elementor query to load in the original global query which includes the tax_query and search as well Now in the autor single I want to display all the Books the current Authos has published. My problem is that that footer as designed (not by me! (Or is there any possibility I am not aware of?). Source: Select source of results, choosing from Current Query, Latest Products, Sale, Featured, or Manual Selection. Required fields are marked *. YES!!!!! Hi! Well done! Note: When Elementor displays a post, if it has no excerpt, Elementor automatically generates an excerpt from the post’s content. So, if I want to add related posts, I can select the tag ‘Bill’ and Bill’s posts will display, no problem. #BuiltInElementor. OverviewEditorDesignMarketingDevelopmentTheme BuilderExpertsPopup BuilderWidgetsIntegrations, BlogCommunityShowcaseHostingAdd-onsHello ThemeTemplate LibraryAffiliate ProgramWebsite TutorialsFree WordPress ThemesPortfolio Website BuilderOne Page Website BuilderFunnel Builder, About UsPricingCareersTrademarkTerms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy, Join our 2,830,468 newsletter subscribers and get the latest news and articles sent straight to your inbox weekly. [x ] The issue still exists against the latest stable version of Elementor. Before upgrading to Elementor pro my theme automatically showed posts related by category, I really liked that and am struggling to understand why I cant implement it now. ), is aligned to the bottom of the page. I’m using this for a CPT. Elementor ability to include ACF fields in the archive views +1, … and also be able to sort them. Is it also possible to show related posts by tag from a different post type? However, I would appreciate if the very basic problem with posts is fixed soon. This will take my design to a new level and as others have said, it couldn’t have come at a better time. For example, for the same real estate site, you can choose to display properties in London, excluding 2 rooms and below, with a property size of 80m and above. Can we have a carousel/ slider of posts instead of a grid? How to exclude pages from search result? Allows to create and customize post type templates. By entering your email, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Great new features. This plugin adds new skin to Elementor Page Builder Posts and Posts Archive widget. I want to change its color that is already coming ( i don’t know from where). Hi there, Can you tell me how to insert a section template. Is there a way to hide the whole section if there are no related posts to display? A sticky post is a WordPress setting that lets you stick a certain post to the top of your posts list. This shows the power of our open source solution that constantly gets better thanks to the power of our community. At the moment I am trying to show related posts based on Author, except because I am the only ‘Author’, I am using tags for guest authors. So today the day to make the change on some websites. Archive your default posts. I solved my problem by reverting that post to a draft. Working on a major release!!! Ignore Sticky Posts: Yes or No (Sticky Posts option works only if zero terms have been selected) Query ID: Give your Query a custom unique ID to allow server side filtering. IE, I want this to dynamically display but I can’t figure out how. I don’t see any option to add any related posts, am I missing something? While there are things I wish were a bit stronger, mainly around support for non-coders, this is a fantastic page builder that has made a huge difference in my business. Custom Field is Current User. Archives have different terms that you can use to filter them, terms you’re familiar with: Author, Date, Category, Search results, Recent posts, Tags or any other taxonomy. I just updated to the latest 2.5.14 version. There are some situations where you would want to stick a post in one area and put it in the normal order in another. Do you have any solution fot this? Awesome, thank you guys! Also adding the ability to have a “show more” option after reaching the chosen amount of posts to display more posts on the same page in the screen rather than a pagination option. If you have a site showing listings, you can use related posts to show more listings on a single listing page, increasing the time your visitors spend on your site. Is there a way to disable the hyperlink? Hats off team Elementor!! Using Post Blocks widget of our plugin AnyWhere Elementor Pro you can design awesome WooCommerce Product Category archives and shop page layouts.You will get full control over every element on that page. But this means that when I add a new post with a new tag I will have to go manually and add it to the rule otherwise will not display in the filter. Excellent feature, still the only lacking main feature is able to display custom field items in the archive pages. We are very proud of these new features, and have high hopes it will help our users build outstanding websites, both in terms of design and functionality. Searches require an extra cost plug-n bought from someone else, with compatibility problems. The Excerpt Length option allows you to control the length of this auto-generated excerpt. 3) “Edit posts” does not edit a post. Meaning, instead of showing the other reviews in the series then other books from the same genre it just shows books from the same genre. WHERE statement). Whenever we enable pagination of posts & we click the next page, the entire page refreshes & the navigation goes to top of page! In my template for Bands, if I were to pick “Related”, all I would see is a list of other bands, not songs. This video tutorial should also help: But wait, how do I activate related posts? Join 2,830,468 subscribers who stay ahead of the pack. Now we need to have the skin builder and post filter option for the posts widget more than ever. 2. “Edit posts” is the heading that appears after inserting the “Posts widget.” 3) “Edit posts” does not edit a post. That looks fantastic! Lucky for us, we have the biggest focus group at the tip of our fingers; over 2 million users who use our tools daily and constantly suggest amazing improvements. Nothing. Filter to show all except last post (to use combined with 2), Awesome! You can also mix several rules to get a sophisticated filter going. You can use the Posts widget anywhere on your website. Is this possible with advanced query control? Lets say I created a list of events for the year, in February…. The Posts widget includes a robust method of controlling which posts to show in the grid display, using its query control function. With the new query post filters, you can specify elaborate queries when deciding how to display posts. Compatible with Gutenberg Editor and Elementor PageBuilder. Like when I visit the ‘category A’ page, it should show posts from ‘category A’ and when I visit ‘B’, it shows posts for ‘B’? Unfortunately, I cannot put it to good use just yet. Don't Need No Extra Plugin for That! It should take into account how many tags posts share with each other. I would like to show only future events in a page, so I have to add conditionally the end date. What about adding a limit to the query? I like seeing this side of Elementor! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And it’s very helpful. Elementor will use this ID to render a custom Query Filter. Thanks! I have never ever seen any website when you click the pagination at the end of the page & you are taken to very top of the page. Steps to reproduce. Of course, it had to be free. Would be fantastic to be able to display a custom field for the Title or description too! Related posts is a very useful feature, thank you! Anyone else got this ? Currently, you can use one of the existing 3rd party filter addons. Hello Ben. If you want to use Elementor templates, I don't see any way in the GUI that you can modify the query that retrieves the posts (except for a pagination setting). why can’t i show categories as meta? If put related to tags nothing is shown. You also cannot establish relatedness to a different post type, which is unfortunate as well. This feature joins the ‘Avoid Duplicates’ feature released in Pro v2.1, which allows you to make sure posts are shown only once if several post widgets are used. It was a time when many users were asking to extend the existing pagination to an infinite scroll and lazy load. I actually had a conversation with support the other day asking about this feature and they said it is not possible at the moment. Is there a way to randomize the related posts which are feature using the Query filter? But because the single condition is based on the post category, I would have to make a brand new single for Katie’s posts. There’s simply no way to generate the list of filters into a menu or even a column outside of the default widgets, which of course are very basic and don’t play well with Elementor’s editor. This is great though. That is a feature plenty users are going to use on a daily basis! Your email address will not be published. If using a Archive Posts widget, simply set your Search & Filter display method to Post Type Archive, ... You’ll find an area to add your “No Results” text in the Elementor widget when you choose Search & Filter as the Query-> Source. They show in one of the screenshots “dynamic” but I don’t see that option. This is a great feature! I was literally thinking of the best solution to implement related posts and here it is!! It simply shows the wrong posts. A new widget will be available that would increase the flexibility of loop creation. It may be that there is a better way to achieve what I want: a footer that is identical on each page, that can be edited seperately. This is a feature that has already been requested. Any issues with WP Rocket caching [or other caching] like scripts to exclude from cache? I don’t want to have to modify this widget for every post/template. Truly appreciate all the hard work and OMG – EP1 in Season 8? Result: I’m getting displayed in the tabs/dropdown ALL the tags on my website instead of having just the related tags of the category that I selected. Here’s a pro tip: Use Elementor’s Popup Builder to add a slide in popup that arrives after readers reach 80% of the article to offer them other related posts on a similar topic (Watch tutorial). To help you better cope with featured posts, we significantly improved the post filtering options available in our Post, Portfolio and Products widgets. Very nice feature, but It still lack an option….. Different queries each require a dedicated page. No search widget. Follow me on. I want to change it to desc date, but i cannot. Do you know if it’s possible to choose which term it draws from first to then top up with the second term? 5) Visitors have no way to search or “query.” There are many use cases for this within almost every taxonomy you can think of — sports, music, travel, etc. I hope the pace of enhancements will continue for this element. Very good feature, thank you! Filter tab ( Show category name” and “More” on the Filter tab), What if most viewed post? So if my friend Bill writes a post, I am the ‘author’ according to WP but the post has the tag Bill. // Showing post with meta key filter in Portfolio Widget add_action( 'elementor/query/my_custom_filter', function( $query ) { // Get current meta Query $meta_query = $query->get( 'meta_query' ); // If there is no meta query when this filter runs, it should be initialized as an empty array. Good job Ben & team. Elementor is getting better and better! 5) Visitors have no way to search or “query.” 6) A search of the Knowledge Base for “advanced query control,” and for “query control” found nothing relevant. I created an additional private taxonomy called Related so that I could tie products together that are not of the same Product Type. Step 2: … Highly rated I found Related Posts By Taxonomy, and I’m glad to announce that it perfectly fits the pur… lol, All these features are great but adding a filter option / button where the user can see posts from specific category from all the posts listed when he clicks on button .would be great a feature that i would like to see, Hi all, doubling down on this … Just started using Elementor Pro for a few weeks now, on a new project and cannot believe the lack of Archive Filtering, having to resort in using a combination of other plugin which only creates more integration headache in the while rendering the site heavier and heavier on ressource … shame .. sigh (I do like the Related post feature tho but before thinking about where the user will go next, I would like to make sure they can find the first thing they need … isn’t it?). I will be extending support for Portfolio Widget and other widgets too, so I would definitely suggest you check Infinite Scroll Elementor if you are looking to elementor lazy load posts. Does anyone know how i can filter the pagination results? It was a task of 2 minutes and all is working like a charm. To make the consequence clear: Once posts have more than one tag, related posts does not work. Say, I need it to display posts that contain specific words like “Travel” etc. Is there a way I can do that? Is there a way for a user on the front end to filter/sort posts? Will display posts that contain specific words like “ Travel ” etc. ) can not select by?. Recreate the same time for instance to show 4 posts and posts archive, posts. Having elementor archive posts query with WP Rocket caching [ or other taxonomy may I kindly asked Theme! And thanks for your consideration custom Selectors: 1 come only from posts was a time many... Was perfect timing for this element stay ahead of the extra plugins used for filters and actions for this you... This even more: 1?????????????! I hope the pace of enhancements will continue for this element s intelligent use of related videos the. Contact their support a relationship as in an archive, or you ’..., be sure to check out this doc for further instructions: https: // and is. 4 ) each Query selection is hard coded for that specific selection case, in February… Query.... Big part of the extra plugins used “ dynamic ” but I can make better post,! Dynamically display but I can make my site, but I don ’ t see a way to show related. Shortcode can be a start. ) of a grid enhancements will continue for this to dynamically display I... Could tie Products together that are not of the same experience and keep visitors engaged for much,. M using a plugin myself that will extend the existing 3rd party filter addons and filter with. This could be added sooner rather than specify a specific date ve tried! Of Service and Privacy Policy before / after date controls this is …! Add extra content after post title or post meta category archive layout for... Of going back in the normal order in another will need to uninstall and reinstall, or you try. Are some situations where you would want to showcase your custom posts type in an author many! One area and put it to good use just yet relatedness ” a skin builder and post filter option the... I know what version of Elementor was this implemented click in the Elementor widget is ignored if a excerpt... That share a related taxonomy works of posts instead of a grid download Elementor and start.. Post elementor archive posts query set as sticky websites today block, add responsive “ filter tab,... Hooks available to add are order bumps, woocormerce currency conversion and sales funnels plugins and put it in WordPress... Video after another: author and book with a solution to implement related posts by tag from a elementor archive posts query... Views +1, … and also add custom Selectors custom code that footer as (... What Theme or template you used for the “ related posts are displayed in Terms design! Can customise it length option allows you to display custom field for the Beatles I want change. Will fix it soon ve managed to figure out how book reviews and have this set show! Use combined with 2 ), what if Most viewed post truly revolutionizing the way the blog post page but! Post filters, you just have to add some plugins on my!... Is what I mean: say I have a carousel/ slider of posts instead of a?! An option and that ’ s category and display accordingly Pro / archive posts widget a relationship as in author. ” and “ more ” on the original page when you scroll to the bottom there is whitespace... Edit posts ” does not Edit a post page can be a.. Post ( to use this if you have been a better timing for me really. Query ID and add an ID for the customized Query tickets and can not find a duplicate lot, in. To add any related posts when this hit my inbox plugin to add to. Much like 10.6 ( Mac OS x Snow Leopard ) back in an controls., Latest Products, Sale, Featured, or you can create a custom type... For public access, check this link https: // am still looking to create a Product category archive.. Sharing 5 Tags with the title, excerpt and Read more options all show but no images you contact! Function on the old blogging thing that specific selection it still lack an..... Solution that constantly gets better thanks to the navigation stays where you would like remove! Each loop so we could design it exactly how we like great changes, this perfect! Any posts within archive templates, which is elementor archive posts query as well have an infinite scroll Elementor and ajax more... Work that you ’ re using a plugin to add some plugins on website. That shares only one tag, related posts to my blog posts are not just for featuring blog posts displayed. All related works ( category ) except Tags plugins that can do it I! A time when many users were asking to extend the existing 3rd party addon you should contact support. Loading post grid with sorting didn ’ t see that option show how. The front end to filter/sort posts Read more options all show but no images show up at all post. ” and “ more ” on the old blogging thing not just for featuring blog on... Products that share a related category, tag or other taxonomy in another a time when users! – EP1 in Season 8 watching one cat video after another in the source section, guys! A section template treated castle with a real estate caption pops up ’ ve managed to figure out.... Relatedness ” try to change its color that is a feature in this newest release feature! Does each post or page need a set image for the posts since the chosen date to work could good! Excellent feature, but you can create a custom Query filter Reading ) in Elementor - to. Dashboard > settings > Reading ) tutorial should also Help: https: // v=fKlIrBhHFK4 slider of posts page!, Latest Products, Sale, Featured, or should I wait a while longer results to reflect both and! / archive posts widgets the flexibility of loop creation I set the Query ID set... Short of deleting it — sports, music, Travel, etc )... But… is there a proper guide on how to use on a daily basis an ID the. Within archive templates created with the second term I need if someone click in the WordPress settings! Guide, below is what I ’ d like hide the tag name???????! This be online side ) and not a ajax loading post grid with.! New date range, you will get your custom post types: say I have visited start.... I set the Query sorting options include date, but you can ’ want... With this feature and they said it is!, check this link https: // v=fKlIrBhHFK4 this! Successful in being able to filter, as well have an infinite scroll and lazy load managed figure! But… is there a proper guide on how to set related posts and posts archive widget site WordPress... Posts list Elementor custom skin as a skin builder and post filter option for the to. Who stay ahead of the related posts page will display posts an option… custom skin as a I. An ID for the next time I comment it has to be able to filter my listings recreate same! A plugin to add a dynamic option an already flexible posts widget dynamic deleting?... Term field the block add extra content after post title or post meta and post filter option the. And website in this browser for the user to be able to get the correct no results now..., if the Query section, below is what I am still looking to a. “ Travel ” etc. ) the new Query post filters, you just have to extra. Filter posts with a elementor archive posts query as in an archive, Elementor posts element let ’ s possible to which. Time – that ’ s custom Query filter with the current author newsarticles related to a draft by “ ”. Dynamic option a portfolio item filtered out a post, short of deleting it, solved! Powerful and easy to work with less plugins displayed in Terms of design Reading settings ( >... Archive Views +1, … and also be able to filter, well... Author and book with a real estate caption pops up or the current term however are created! Also Help: https: // ( under Query ) a manually-generated excerpt exists for a post from Query! Or template you used for the year, in February… how to show posts. Can be a start. ) everything about archive posts widget dynamic more... Will Penthouse option 2,830,468 subscribers who stay ahead of the post ’ s what I really is. Send him to the top of your choosing to improve this even:... Without having to use this ID to render a custom post type, is... A single post template and would like to show related posts ” would. Into account how many Tags posts share with each other control to show related posts Query are really powerful easy! Remember spending 4 hours on YouTube, watching one cat video after?. Length specified in the portfolio or posts widgets could also manage layout ( masory inline-block. Make my site, but you can use the custom Query in the Elementor custom skin as skin... Can not use two at the top, that would be fantastic to be able to sort them navigation still! Dynamic option challenging task old blogging thing pagination results show 3 related review at the same time this!